The combination of carefully selected natural materials creates unique designs inspired by Colombian passion. Each handmade piece of jewelry is unique thanks to the structure, form, and color of the natural materials and will last for timeless pleasure.

Traditional Molas made by Guna Indians

The Guna Yala live in the coastal zone of the Caribbean Sea, which stretches from Colombia to Panama. Today many Guna live on the San Blas Islands, which are located on the mainland of Panama. A centuries-old tradition of the Guna is the Mola, which are uniquely crafted by the Guna women.

In the language of the Guna, Mola was originally the word for "blouse", or the front and back panels of the blouse which are sewn from different fabric layers. Colorful patterns are created by skillfully sewing layers of fabric together.

The traditional designs of the Mola are mostly geometric patterns but realistic and abstract representations of animals, plants and people that often have a religious and cultural significance are becoming more commonplace. Some colors also have symbolic meaning: Black, orange and burgundy feature often in designs.

Although Molas were traditionally worn exclusively as part of a blouse, today many different accessories are made from the hand-sewn fabric layers. Traditionally crafted Molas are used to beautify cases, bags, and leather wallets transforming them into exclusive hand-crafted products.