The combination of carefully selected natural materials creates unique designs inspired by Colombian passion. Each handmade piece of jewelry is unique thanks to the structure, form, and color of the natural materials and will last for timeless pleasure.

Tagua nut

- a natural alternative to ivory
- hard as stone
– light on the skin

The Tagua nut is the seed of the ivory palm which grows in the rainforests of South America. Phytelephas macrocarpa is the scientific name for the ivory palm which is close in meaning to natural ivory. Its creamy color, consistency and appearance make the Tagua nut an eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternative to ivory. Despite its tough appearance, the processed Tagua nut is surprisingly light and its supple, warm structure makes this natural material pleasant to wear on the skin.

Fresh Tagua nuts are gel-like in their consistency and must be dried before they can be crafted into jewelry. After drying, the Tagua nuts are ground, carved into shape, dyed and finally polished for the final product.

LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA mainly uses Tagua nuts from Colombia, which saves long transport distances and protects the environment while supporting the regional economy. For many people, the Tagua nut which grows in the wild in the tropical rainforests of Colombia is an important economic means for their family. Working with the Tagua nut helps the community to value natural resources and learn that protecting their natural environment is worthwhile.

It’s a long journey for the Tagua nut from the rainforests of Colombia to the finished piece of jewelry. Transport conditions are difficult – Tagua nuts are harvested by hand and often have to be transported by boat from the impassable areas of the rainforest. After a lengthy drying process, much hard work and care is taken to make the Tagua nut a coveted and unique natural product.

Only Tagua nuts of impeccable quality are used for crafting LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA jewelry.