Leandro de J. Herrera Díaz

QUALIFICATIONS: Commercial management with economics
AT HOME IN: Wiesbaden and Barranquilla

Leandro is a native Colombian from the sunny city of Barranquilla on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. For almost a decade, he has accumulated experience in the jewelry sector before founding LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA with exciting new ideas and projects. The new company focuses on the combination of traditional craftsmanship techniques using sustainable natural materials as well as fair and eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

Leoni Pfeiffer

QUALIFICATIONS: Romance Philology and MA German as a foreign language
AT HOME IN: Wiesbaden and Barranquilla

Leoni is from Wiesbaden and has not only learned to love Colombia through numerous visits to the country. Enthusiasm for unique jewelry made from natural materials and supporting the loving handcraft of regional small businesses in Colombia unites Leoni and Leandro. Leoni is at Leandro’s side with ideas and advice in all parts of LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA’s work.

Felix Herrera Díaz

Felix is the youngest member of the LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA team. He is still in Kindergarten but is already fascinated by the colors, shapes and structures of the materials used by LA TAGUA MANUFACTURA. Better known as our quality assurance expert, Felix’s sharp eyes don’t miss a thing. He is also an important member of our marketing team and a frequent visitor at trade events.